Our Mission & Values

Central to our thinking, approach and outlook.

Scholary was founded in 2013 with a simple mission:

“To utilise the skills, energy and innovation of our team
to enable projects with a positive social impact to flourish.”

We strive to deliver this by remaining true to our core values of:

  • Force For Good

    We’re committed to being a force for good, collaborating on projects that have a positive social and moral focus.

  • Growth

    We cultivate purposeful relationships that nurture personal, professional and organisational growth.

  • Energy

    We bring energy and enthusiasm to our collaborations and projects.

  • Community

    We embrace community culture, maximising existing networks to further collaboration.

Our Founders

Passionate about innovation and collaboration.

Dr Liz Durden-Myers


Managing Director & Co-Founder

Liz is a physical education researcher and teacher educator with over 15 years’ experience within education across the primary, secondary and higher education sectors. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in Physical Education at the University of Gloucestershire & Bath Spa University, Managing Director & Co-Founder at Scholary and PE Scholar and Past Chair of the International Physical Literacy Association (IPLA). Liz is a qualified teacher and holds a PhD in Physical Literacy, a MA in Education, a MSc in Psychology and a BA (Hons) in Physical Education. Her research interests include Education, Physical Education, Philosophy, Health, Sport and Wellbeing. She has specific expertise in Physical Literacy, Teaching Pedagogy, Curriculum Design and Teacher Professional Development. Liz is an international speaker, passionate educator and physical activity advocate who champions the value of physical activity for life, for health, wellbeing and human flourishing.

Tim Durden-Myers

Technical Director & Co-Founder

Tim oversees, supports and facilitates the development of all technical projects at Scholary. He is passionate about the use of the right technologies to deliver cost-effective solutions, both flexible and scalable in design; adaptable to an evolving project or strategy. Tim’s background includes over a decade of experience as a senior QA/test consultant in global software engineering teams and small tech startups alike. His experience with software testing, quality assurance, web and database technologies across multiple markets (including healthcare, finance and education) has given him expertise in a number of tools and technologies that can be readily integrated at minimal cost to solve a myriad of problems that individuals/organisations may face.