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Liz Myers

Managing Director & Co-Founder

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Liz Myers is Managing Director at Scholary, co-founder of PE Scholar, an Educational Consultant, Lecturer and Physical Educator from Somerset, UK. She is also a trustee of the International Physical Literacy Association and Physical Education broadsheet editor for SATIPS.

Liz is currently studying for a PhD in Physical Literacy at the University of Bedfordshire, and holds a Masters in Education (Teaching & Learning) from the University of Bath (2014) and a Masters in Psychology from The Open University (2013). Liz previously studied at the University of Bedfordshire, where she achieved a BA (Hons) (First Class) in Physical Education with QTS.


  • PhD Physical Literacy – The Institute for Sport and Physical Activity Research (ISPAR) – The University of Bedfordshire (2014-2016).
  • MA Education (Teaching and Learning) – Bath University (2011-2014).
  • MSc Psychology – The Open University (2011-2013).
  • BA (Hons) Physical Education with QTS (First Class) – The University of Bedfordshire (2006-2010).

Key Experience

  • Scholary Ltd (2013-Present) – Managing Director.
  • The University of Bedfordshire (2014-Present) – Visiting Lecturer Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy.
  • Devizes School (2010-2014) – PE Teacher, School Sports Coordinator, Projects Coordinator, KS3 Coordinator, Camp Xtra Coordinator.


Myers, E. & Taylor, S. (2015). Teaching Accredited Courses in Physical Education. In Capel, S. & Whitehead, M. (Eds) Learning to Teach Physical Education in The Secondary School (4th edition). London: Routledge.


Myers, E. (2013). ICT and Physical Literacy: The use of podcast as an educational tool to promote motivation and raise attainment in development knowledge and understanding in physical education. ICSSPE: Journal of Sport Science and Physical Education, 65.

Myers, E. (2013). Motivation and Physical Literacy: How can motivation levels of female pupils be improved within KS3 basketball physical education lessons? ICSSPE: Journal of Sport Science and Physical Education, 65.


Myers, E. (2014). The Gamification of Charting Progress. The International Physical Literacy Association (IPLA) Charting Progress Workshop, UK.


Myers, E. (2010). Maximising Learning Styles. Physical Education Matters. Autumn 2010, pp.21-25.

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Sharing Research

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